Smuge makeup remover pads. The effective natural alternative to single use makeup wipes.


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    (7 customer reviews)

    3 Smuge Face Pads£5.99

    Smuge Pro pack reusable face pad set – 3 pads / 1 wash bag

    Reusable, extra soft and earth friendly. Remove makeup effortlessly, apply skincare then reuse.


    What is it: A set of 3 reusable makeup remover pads that remove makeup softly and effortlessly complete with wash bag. Crafted from bamboo our extra special face pads are earth friendly.


          • Created with sustainability and skincare in mind, the 3 layer reusable pads remove makeup whilst leaving your skin feeling extra soft and smooth.


          • Totally planet friendly, reuse each makeup pad upto 150 times. Crafted from bamboo meaning each face pad is compostable and earth friendly.


          • Larger and thicker than regular cotton rounds use less pads for makeup removal we have light, medium or heavy makeup covered.


    🔄 Reusable 🌿 Vegan 🐇 Cruelty free ✌ Non toxic


    Additional information

    Weight0.76 kg
    Dimensions8 × 8 × 8 cm

    7, 12

    7 reviews for 3 Smuge Face Pads

    1. Shannon

      Love these so much. Smuge pads are so soft on your skin it’s unbelievable. Literally so easy to use and take of makeup so quickly. I will definitely be ordering more but the starter pack is great just to try them.

    2. Emily

      I tried these and could not be happier! Great product and a lot better than normal facewipes.

    3. Beth

      Really handy product

    4. Raveena

      This is an amazing face wipe. I only use it every other day before bed as I don’t wear makeup to often. I noticed massive improvements with my skin and also in the time taken to remove my makeup. Must have product!

    5. Jasmine

      Easy to use, good product

    6. Sasha

      Amazing product! Feels great on the skin use every time I remove my makeup.

    7. Chloe M

      Recommend this

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