Smuge makeup remover pads. The effective natural alternative to single use makeup wipes.


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    (8 customer reviews)

    7 Smuge Face Pads£9.99

    Smuge Pro pack reusable face pad set – 7 pads / 1 wash bag

    Reusable, extra soft and earth friendly. Remove makeup effortlessly, apply skincare then reuse.


    What is it: A full 7 pack set of our earth friendly, vegan, reusable makeup remover pads ready to remove your makeup softly and effortlessly all complete with a free mesh wash bag. Eco ready, of course. Crafted and made from only earth friendly materials our makeup remover pads are made from 100% bamboo. These extra special face pads are earth friendly helping aid your kinder daily routine.


          • Created with sustainability and skincare in mind, the 3 layer reusable pads remove makeup whilst leaving your skin feeling extra soft and smooth.


          • Totally planet friendly, reuse each makeup pad upto 150 times. Made from 100% bamboo meaning each face pad is compostable and earth friendly.


          • Larger and thicker than regular cotton rounds. Use less pads to remove your makeup removal light, medium or heavy.


    🔄 Reusable 🌿 Vegan 🐇 Cruelty free ✌ Non toxic

    Additional information


    Benefits : Remove makeup quickly and easily
    How to use : Remove and cleanse in circular motions
    How to recycle : Dispose in recycling or composter
    Size : 8 cm / 3.5"
    Thickness : 3 layer bamboo pad



    8 reviews for 7 Smuge Face Pads

    1. Sarah Jane

      Love Smuge. These are great. I tried Smuge as I wanted to reduce my plastic use and also not take trips to the shop. Really happy with these and will be shopping again. I recommend these to anyone looking for an alternative.

    2. Charlotte

      Great product, much better than face wipes. Really happy.

    3. Sana

      I recommend using it to everyone I know… it really removes make so easily and is really soft on your skin.

    4. Jessica

      I really liked the size of these pads definitely larger than regular face pads. I usually use 2-3 but I only need one sometimes two of these for heavy makeup.

    5. EM

      I have bought the 7 pack and the and they are good at removing makeup, the only thing is that they better washed by hand which is time consuming – i don’t really mind that though

    6. Toni.brand21

      Really soft on your skin. Easy to use and arrived quickly.

    7. Erin L

      I purchased the face pads in a 7 pack. I usually use a product by another company with a much smaller pad and when I opened smuge pack I was impressed with the size of the pads. I was convinced it wasn’t going to take off all my makeup but it turns out the pads are great. I got a wash bag which is also a plus ??

    8. Liz

      I always feel as though traditional make up removers leave my face feeling super dry and I have to use multiple wipes/swaps in order to remove my make up. With this… not only does it remove MAJORITY of my make on the first go around, it also doesn’t dry out my skin. I don’t plan to go back to traditional removers.

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