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    Simple Motivation tips during lockdown

    Are you struggling to keep yourself motivated during lockdown? These simple motivation tips will help you keep motivated during this third lockdown.

    Simple motivation tips during lockdown.

    It’s another wellness Wednesday in Lockdown, this repetitive cycle can often become monotonous, leading to a lack of change and motivation. Struggling to keep motivated is extremely challenging, especially in these times, but YOU are not alone. We all experience those dull days, wrapped in a thick duvet, indulging in Netflix. Let’s try and find a new goal that tops the attraction of watching Netflix all day.

    this repetitive cycle can often become monotonous

    Try to keep to a routine to raise your self-esteem

    Rolling out of your warm, quilted duvet can be challenging, but taking this first step can open your mind to a new set of tasks. Find an outfit you can cross your legs in. You want to be wearing comfy clothes, which are different to your bed attire. Wearing PJs all day can lower self-esteem, productivity and increase laziness. Applying this small tweak to your day, can set you up for a productive day ahead.

    Wearing PJs all day can lower self-esteem

    Keep the body hydrated and well nourished.

    Once dressed, replenish your body with a tall glass of water. Water will aid brain function and concentration, making you feel more motivated to engage in productivity. Don’t forget to fuel your body with breakfast. Food consumption will translate into energy. Energy is essential for engaging in motivation. The more energy, the more motivated. Let’s start tapping into our minds and bodies and find that motivation we have all been looking for!

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