Smuge makeup remover pads. The effective natural alternative to single use makeup wipes.


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    Smuge Makeup Remover Pads

    Affordable alternatives, reuse each face pad upto 150 times each

    More effective than regular pads - 49% larger than regular cotton rounds, thicker and more durable

    Reduce plastic and single use products with more sustainable skincare options

    Beautifully effective & reusable makeup remover pads

    Transform your skincare routine for the better with smuge makeup remover pads. A eco friendly, super earth kind alternative to single use cotton rounds and face wipes. Effortlessly remove makeup, apply skincare and cleanse with smuge face pads.

    Effortlessly remove makeup

    Makeup can be tough to remove. Make your daily skincare routine easier by removing your makeup quickly and easily with our makeup remover pads. Extra soft bamboo fibers absorb and lift makeup from the skin pores making removing makeup with smuge easier.


    Key benefits

    • Remove makeup easily
    • Bamboo fibers absorb and lift makeup from the skin pores
    • Make your daily skincare routine easier

    Reusable, sustainable and more affordable

    Our pads are designed to be reusable saving you money on daily skincare products. Reuse each of our makeup pads upto 150 times replacing over 1500 single use cotton rounds. Removing makeup and saving on your skincare budget everyday. Get thrifty and planet friendly with our reusable skincare. Each pad is compostable and made from completely sustainable materials. 


    Key benefits

    • Reuse upto 150 times
    • Save money on daily skincare products
    • Reduce single use products

    Larger makeup remover pads

    49% larger than regular makeup remover pads, our smuge pads are bigger, better and softer than their single use alternative. Being larger than regular pads means you can remove more makeup faster and easier with the 8.5cm of soft, 3 layered bamboo.


    Key benefits

      • Larger than regular pads
      • Softer and more durable

    Creating kinder skincare routines

    Create more sustainable daily skincare routines with our eco-friendly makeup remover pads. With zero plastic from product to packaging you can reduce your plastic consumption and use kinder daily alternatives in your skincare routines. All our makeup removing accessories are designed to help you live more earth friendly lifestyles. Reuse, reduce and relax.


    1. Eco-friendly alternative
    2. Reduce plastic use
    3. Create sustainable skincare


    Made sustainable materials

    Free from plastic

    Made using zero plastic, product and packaging

    Cruelty & toxic free

    Vegan, animal friendly, all natural and toxic free


    Smuge is more than just a makeup remover pad

    Perfect for all skin types

    Removes and releases makeup quickly and easily

    Lasts upto 50 washes

    Vegan, cruelty and toxic free

    How to use our reusable makeup remover pads

    Adopting reusable makeup remover pads to your daily routine is simple and easy with smuge. Just like single use pads you can remove makeup, apply skincare or toner without disposing after one use.


    How to use;

    1. Apply your makeup remover or skincare product to the pad
    2. Gently remove makeup in circular motions from the face, neck and under the eyes buy gently using the pad in circular motions
    3. Gently continue to remove makeup and rotate the sides of the pad to evenly remove makeup from the skin
    4. After use place the pad in the laundry bag ready for washing
    5. Washing in the washing machine on a 60 degrees wash, if removing heavy makeup apply a small amount of stain remover before washing
    6. Hang to dry using a peg on a drying horse for the best results to keep the shape.

    A daily makeup remover essential

    Our makeup remover sets provide you with all you need for an essential skincare accessory set. Each pack comes complete with a set of makeup remover pads and wash bag to reuse and wash easily in the washing machine.

    Available in sets of 3 to 12 perfect for your every type of routine

    Complete with eco-friendly laundry bag for washing