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    How You Can Lift Your Mood With Good Nutrition

    Waking up to cold, frosty mornings, whilst being in a national lockdown can really lower our moods. Our moods can be easily increased with a nutritious diet. A healthy gut, a healthy mind. The gut affects our mood and mental health, so fuelling your body with a nutritious meal can be the key to happiness and a proactive mind. Having a nutritious meal is all about having a balanced diet, ensuring your body absorbs a range of nutrients. These nutrients have the ability to increase your mood, lift your spirits and fuel your mind. 

    How your nutrition can affect your mood

    Exposure to sunlight provides our bodies with Vitamin-D. As we experience the winter months, sunlight is dismal. The dark, dull days are unable to supply our bodies with the required amount of Vitamin-D. Therefore, consuming foods with high levels of Vitamin-D or taking Vitamin-D supplements, can be a great way to obtain these ‘sunlight benefits’. 

    How your nutrition can affect your mood

    Aiming for a daily intake of 5 vegetables and fruit, is essential for a nutritious diet. Consuming this number of vegetables and fruit, provides your body with the appropriate minerals and vitamins required. A diet rich in vegetables and fruit, may improve emotional well-being and increase mood for the next day. Next time you want to reach for that glazed doughnut, replace those cravings with a piece of fruit! Let’s eat good, to feel good! 

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