Smuge makeup remover pads. The effective natural alternative to single use makeup wipes.


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    How to use Smuge reusable makeup remover pads

    Switching from single use cotton rounds and using resuable makeup remover pads is simple. Here’s how to use smuge makeup remover pads.

    How to remove makeup with reusable makeup remover pads.

    Switching from cotton rounds to reusable makeup remover pads is simple and definitely not daunting. For one, reusable makeup remover pads are larger, softer and can remove more makeup in one pad unlike regular single cotton pads. They are easy to use and more effective. They are a go-to alternative for skincare and makeup removal. Our quick steps and tips will have you removing your makeup and applying skincare like the eco hunny you are in no time.

    Quick steps on how to use your reusable makeup remover pads.

    A quick step by step guide on how to use our makeup remover pads.

    • Apply skincare agent, toner or water to the makeup pad.
    • Apply softly around the face and under the neck, revolving makeup in circular motions.
    • Turn over and gently remove makeup from around and under the eyes.
    • Continue until makeup is fully removed.
    • Place the makeup remover pads in the wash bag ready for washing.
    • Wash the face pads together in provided wash bag on a 60 degrees wash.
    • Hang to dry with a clothes peg to maintain shape.

    What can makeup removers can I use with reusable makeup pads?

    • Makeup Removers
    • Toners
    • Micellar water
    • Water

    Reusable face pads are extremely durable alternatives that can be used with multiple types of makeup removers and skincare products. Reusable makeup pads can be used with general makeup removers, micellar waters, toners and water. For the best results we advise using a regular makeup remover or micellar water. Reusable makeup pads can be used to remove makeup with water, however may require the use of multiple makeup pads.

    Removing makeup is easy with reusable makeup remover pads

    Our reusable face pads are simple and easy to use to remove makeup. Made from bamboo fibers the makeup remover pad quickly absorbs the makeup remover or toner into its fibers ready for application on the skin. Made from 3 layers of bamboo delivering increased durability on the skin. These eco friendly pads are 49% larger than regular face pads enabling the face pad to remove more makeup faster and easier than a regular cotton round. Smuge pads are dual sided.

    Made from bamboo fibers to quickly absorb the makeup into the pad ready for application on the skin. Made from 3 layers of bamboo for durability. 49% larger than regular face pads. Dual sided.

    Each side should be used to full coverage before turning and repeating with the alternative side. This will enable you to remove as much makeup as possible with a single pad. Remove makeup easily and effectively by applying makeup remover to the face pad. Use the smuge pad in circular motions on the skin to remove makeup and cleanse the skin.

    How to use Smuge reusable makeup remover pads

    How to remove makeup with our reusable makeup pads, step by step.

    Step one

    Removing your makeup can take from 10 to 30 minutes, find a comfortable place where you can remove your makeup and apply any skincare products you may wish to use. Having a face cloth and towel plus your desired skincare products to hand is useful to enable a relaxing and stress free makeup wind down.

    Step two

    Begin by taking a face pad from the string bag. Apply a generous amount of your desired makeup remover; makeup remover, toner, micellar water or just water. Depending on the level of makeup you are wearing, increase the amount of makeup remover you use in relation to this to ensure you have enough makeup remover on your face pad to lift and remover the makeup from the skin.

    Step three

    First begin by taking the makeup remover pad to the face and being by lifting and removing makeup from the face in circular motions slowly. We won’t fully remove the makeup on the first side. Keep the face pad to remove makeup from the face avoiding the eyes and under the neck.

    Step four

    Once you have started to lift makeup from the face, move closer to the eyes, being careful not to get makeup or makeup remover from the pad into the eyes. In circular motions remove the makeup from under the eyes and then move to the eyelids. Lastly drag the pad through the eye lashes to remove any mascara. As the lashes are close to the eyes, be extra careful when removing. Now start to lift and remove makeup from the neck area.

    Step five

    Flip over the makeup pad and apply your makeup remover to the alternative side. Now repeat the process again working through the face, under the eyes, over the eyelids and finally the neck. Your makeup should be fully removed, if not take another face pad and repeat this process again. Once the face is clean and fresh, take a face cloth and pat down the skin ready to apply skincare for nighttime routines.

    Step six

    Apply a small amount of your chosen skincare product to a fresh face pad and begin to work the moisturizer lightly into the skin. Circular motions work best for coverage. Continue to work through the face, under the eyes and neck and until you are happy with the coverage.

    Place the used face pads into the wash bag, leave and hang ready for wash day.

    Step seven

    Place the used face pads into the wash bag, leave and hang ready for wash day.

    How to clean face pads when removing heavy makeup

    Heavy makeup can often require more than a single pad to remove a full face of makeup. Our face pads are larger and thicker than regular face pads and will remove more makeup than a standard cotton round. However, be prepared to use multiple reusable face pads if you wear heavy makeup. If you do wear heavy makeup often this can leave marks on the face pad and be fairly difficult to remove in just one wash.

    We advise when wearing heavy makeup to apply a small amount of stain remover to the pad before placing it in the washing machine. This will help enable the best result for washing and lead to a longer life of your face pad.