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    Single valentines day date night routine

    How to spend valentines day when your single

    HAPPY SINGLE VALENTINE’S DAY! This post is for those who are in a relationship with themselves. We take a look at some fabulous ideas for a perfect singles valentines day.

    Pour your favourite drink, run a bubble bath and open a tub of Ben and Jerry’s ice-cream. Take yourself on a date! Treat and pamper yourself. It is time to try out those new products you have stored at the back of your cupboard. Crack open that sealed nail varnish, open that face mask and RELAX! 

    For many, this time of the year may exert feelings of lonesome and sadness. Your social media feed is flooded with romantic couple posts, declaring their love for one another. Grabbing a heart shaped chocolate for every loved-up post you come across. If viewing ‘couple posts’ lowers your mood, why not mute those for the day? Muting those posts can remove any jealousy/sadness you may feel from having to scroll past the constant roll of romantic posts. Engage in a social media detox for the day! 

    Use the time you may have spent from endlessly scrolling, to take yourself on a date! A date can be anything you desire! Whether it be, running a bubble bath, ordering a take-away, watching a film or pampering yourself with a deep skincare. Let this be your time, love and treat yourself. Embrace being single, let your happiness be found! As Katy Perry once said: ‘I don’t need prince charming to have my own happy ending!’

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