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    What you can do to fight sad seasonal affective disorder

    Wellness Wednesday is upon us again! With those dark nights and frosty mornings rolling in we know you can get a little SAD at this time of year…that’s seasonal affective disorder we’re talking about. Cold weather can have a negative impact on our wellness so let’s make sure we’re chilling out in the right way girls!

    What you can do to fight sad seasonal affective disorder

    Finding the motivation to stay healthy and fit can be difficult, don’t worry girl it’s not just you! This can lead to a weakened immune system, and a greater risk of developing illness. No wonder they call it the winter blues! Now we don’t expect you to have no treats this festive period but eating more fibre and omega-3 will help with some of those cravings. 

    Find exercise you enjoy, a chilled yoga flow or an energetic HIIT workout – there is loads you can do from home. Sometimes de-icing the car just to get to the gym can be daunting enough we know!

    One good thing about the chill is that hot drinks season is upon us again! Getting toasty after a day battling the outside chill can do you the world of good, and sometimes it’s not all about those fancy seasonal hot chocolates – herbal teas have so many more benefits so here’s a few of our favourites. 

    Twinings Boost

    This fruity blend will get you up and going. *DISCLAIMER* you will still require an alarm clock. 

    Yorkshire Tea Biscuit

    With this cosy flavour you won’t even need the cheeky biscuit!…We’re joking have the damn biscuit.

    Whittard Chilli Chai

    Now this is for if you’re feeling fancy.

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