Smuge makeup remover pads. The effective natural alternative to single use makeup wipes.


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    We're smuge,

    We make sustainable everyday skincare, like face pads and face cloths.

    We are an earth kind skincare brand that’s improving everyday routines with sustainable and reusable skincare alternatives. We craft all natural, vegan, plastic free skincare accessories that remove makeup and apply skincare better than the others.

    We are all about;

    Reusable alternatives

    Vegan and cruelty freindly options

    No plastic or chemicals

    Say hello to better makeup removal

    You can say goodbye to running out of makeup remover pads with smuge. Our reusable face pads can be used up to 150 times each. We use only sustainable materials with our face pads made from 100% organic bamboo. Both vegan and ecofriendly, you won’t find any plastic or chemicals used in the production or packaging of our skincare products. Remove makeup quickly, more effectively and reduce the use of 11 billion single use wipes with smuge.

    Our makeup remover pads are;

    Reuse up to 150 times

    49% Larger than cotton rounds

    Extra soft and durable


    Don't just take it from us...


    “They were fantastically priced, came so fast- in completely plastic free packaging. The pads work so well at removing makeup by themselves or with coconut oil as a waterproof makeup remover. I couldn’t recommend them more!”

    A little more about our makeup remover pads.


    Our makeup remover pads are not just fab at removing makeup but are completely natural and non-harmful. Each smuge face pad provides the softest wipe while effectively removing your makeup. We make our face pads from 100% organic bamboo. A super soft and extra sustainable material, with the added bonus unlike cotton, that it is compostable.

    If you don't know how super bamboo is, we can let you know.

    Bamboo is the most sustainable plant on our planet. It grows faster than any other plant and provides 35% more oxygen to our wonderful world that the equivalent from trees. This is why we chose it for our skincare products. Not only does it give you softest material removing your makeup, it also helps save our surroundings.

    Lets ditch those single use beauty items

    It’s time to make sustainable skincare the norm and ditch those single use items. Come and join us in making living kinder with friendlier alternatives for your daily routines.

    Options for everyones routine

    We have options for all your routines. We made our makeup remover pads available in 3 sizes. A three pack for if you would like to try out using reusable face pads. A 7 pack for daily use. And a 12 pack for if you wear heavy makeup to ensure you’ve got a full weeks’ worth.

    Available in three simple options, made simply from bamboo

    As a sustainable beauty brand we’re doing our bit to make reuse simple, easy and eco cool. Simply wash your pads in the wash bag provided and hang to dry ready for morning noon or nighttime routines.